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    Armenian president to school graduates: You can and must make Armenia a more prosperous country

    May 25, 2019 18:38 News, Politics A+ / A-

    President Armen Sarkissian of Armenia has issued a congratulatory message to the school graduates on the symbolic Last Bell ceremony marked on Friday, May 24.

    The message, published by the presidential press service, reads:

    “Dear Graduates,

    Today, you are graduating from school. There are emotions and excitement in your eyes, impatience and resolve to move forward. For a moment, it seems you are getting out into the space where freedom is boundless, infinity is immeasurable. But, at the same time, you understand all too well, that you continue to walk down the road of life where you will encounter multiple challenges, trials, and opportunities. School is the most important harbor on that road.

    You have passed that memorable part of your lives by maturing and learning, by loving and dreaming, reckoning about your tomorrow, future job, future family, future of Fatherland. Today, you have reached a point after which you need to have a more practical participation in the creation of all these things, through thinking, creating, and working.

    The world is changing rapidly, also through your participation and because of you. Not to be left out of competition, it is necessary to learn constantly, to arm yourselves with knowledge, to develop your imagination, to put forward ideas, to implement them, it is necessary to be courageous, to get inspired and win.

    You can and must make Armenia a more competitive and a more prosperous country. The contribution of your teachers and parents is great, and you should participate in the creation of the values worthy of an advanced country.

    Dear Friends,

    The call you will hear today will urge you to make a new start and to soar. Rest assured that the rise of your mind and spirit can be translated into powerful material and spiritual values which will serve our Fatherland, our people, the entire humankind.

    I wish you sound health, boundless imagination and success, love and happiness.”

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