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    Armenian smokers protest against anti-smoking draft bill

    February 2, 2018 10:02 News A+ / A-

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    A group of citizens are protesting against draft bill on smoking in front of the Armenian government building on Thursday.

    “We’ll Smoke” protesters are against the new draft law banning the use of tobacco products in public places.

    As reported earlier, the Armenian Ministry of Health has presented a draft law “On the Reduction and Prevention of Tobacco Product Use”, which has been submitted for the consideration of the ministry.

    The draft law prohibits smoking in all closed institutions, including offices, bars and restaurants, as well as in transport, at stations, at airports and on bus stops. Smoking in an unauthorized place will be punished with a fine of 250 thousand drams. If the violation repeats within three months, the fine will amount to 500,000 drams.

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