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    Armenia’s Aronian comments on World Chess Cup victory

    September 28, 2017 18:52 News, Sport A+ / A-

    Armenian grandmaster Levon Aronian commented on his victory at the finals of the 2017 FIDE World Chess Cup, which has wrapped up in Georgia’s capital city of Tbilisi.

    “I’m very happy. After 12 years, I won this title again. I was sure that I would win. Ding Liren is a brave chess player.

    “I’m not a favorite in the Candidates Tournament, I just want to enjoy the game,” Levon Aronyan said after the victory.

    Grandmaster (GM) Levon Aronian (Armenia) has once again been declared FIDE World Chess Cup winner, after 12 years.

    By advancing to the finals of this tournament, Aronian already had been eligible to compete in the Candidates Tournament, which will be held in the German capital city of Berlin in March 2018, to determine the challenger for the World Chess Championship.

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