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    Azerbaijani drone throws hand grenade on Karabakh positions (PHOTO)

    January 22, 2018 7:52 News, Politics A+ / A-

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    STEPANAKERT. – In addition to firing a mortar from a drone, Azerbaijani armed forces used another drone to fire on Karabakh position with a hand grenade that was packed in a glass, Artsakh Defense Army said in a statement.

    The defense ministry said they find it ridiculous that Azerbaijan, who is repeatedly boasting of a 4-billion defense budget, is using “a handmade equipment” that was used in the 20th century by Afghan militants and by the Islamic State terrorists nowadays.

    “The Defense Army suffered no casualties during the opponent’s actions,” the statement reads.

    According to earlier reports, Azerbaijani unmanned aerial vehicle opened fire on an Artsakh Defence Army military position on Saturday afternoon. As a result of the actions of the Azerbaijani military, the Karabakh Defense Army did not suffer losses.
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