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    Berdzor events need answers

    Berdzor events need answers
    February 2, 2015 17:04 News, Politics, Video A+ / A-


    “Today NA session launches in the context of sad events”,-said NA Speaker Galust Sahakyan opening the NA session and stressing the mournful events that took place in Gyumri. He presented the agenda to the MPs. “The agenda includes draft bills of making additions and changes in “Income Tax” and “Turnover Tax” presented by the GOAM.

    Nikol Pashinyan asked a question to NA Speaker concerning barbaric acts of January 31st. “Our society wants some answers concerning the events taken place in Berdzor. I believe this is a serious blow to NKR and statehood of Artsakh. I suggest discussing the creation of a delegation made of MPs and immediate leave of that delegation to Stepanakert”.

    Nikol Pashinyan wasn’t able to finish his sentence. Edward Sharmazanov called MPs to ask question mainly concerning the agenda. Galust Sahakyan answered Nikol Pashinyan saying that he will discuss that question with his colleague, NKR NA Speaker. “I believe relevant bodies of NKR are dealing with that issue already. I will try to analyze that information and come with a statement”.



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