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    Dismantling of cafés resumes at Yerevan opera house area (PHOTOS)

    March 16, 2019 14:25 News, Politics A+ / A-

    The Yerevan Municipality on Friday morning resumed the dismantling of the cafés in the area adjacent to the opera house, at Liberty Square, in downtown of the capital city of Armenia (PHOTOS).

    Unlike the previous days, however, no protests are taking place so far today.

    One month ago, the Yerevan city hall had notified the now former leaseholders of these cafés to clear the area by their own efforts.

    The Yerevan Municipality’s dismantling of these cafés had begun on Wednesday. But on Thursday, these works were accompanied by demonstrations by the employee of these cafés, clashes took place between police and protesters, and several police and civilians were injured.

    Also, 22 people were detained, but later released.

    And late Thursday evening, Mayor Hayk Marutyan stated that all the cafés need to vacate the area neighboring the opera house.


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