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    Expert: Current relations of Russia and US contain elements of “cold war”

    January 11, 2017 10:09 News, Politics A+ / A-

    The current relations between Russia and US contain elements of “cold war.”

    Expert and Head of Russian and CIS Studies at the Körber-Foundation, Alexander Rahr, told the aforementioned to Armenian News –

    In his words, cyber attacks take place from all sides. Besides, there is ongoing information war and propaganda.

    According to him, Donald Trump may indeed change the world order and converge with Russia. This is one of the main objectives, which his policy will pursue, Mr Rahar noted.

    According to him, currently, an interesting political struggle is going on: the trans-Atlantic elites and lobby are trying to “embrace” Trump.

    Despite the alleged manipulations of Russia during the elections, they are ready to recognize him as a legitimately elected president if he behaves in a civilized manner, following the policy of his predecessors. They simply want to make Trump follow the traditional path of liberal values and the NATO policy, Alexander Rahr noted.

    However, it is clear that Europe will no longer be the same: it is weakening. Thus, a situation may emerge where it will be necessary to change the rules of the game, the expert concluded.

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