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Home » News » Export of goods to Russian market essentially reduced . Vazgen Safaryan

Export of goods to Russian market essentially reduced . Vazgen Safaryan

March 13, 2015 10:25 News, Sport, Video A+ / A-

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The amended law about “Tax circulating” cannot be considered the  final version,  it’s possible that  changes will be made again ,  any law always needs to be resumed. The president of National Producers Union Vazgen Safaryan  said about this during today’s  conference in  the “Argument” press club: “ Tax circulating  should be simplified again ”,  the scope of fixed  fee should be expanded.  SMB (Small and Medium Business) ‘s should restrict their  activity in case of various problems existing in the country,  telling gently , it’s not desirable.

Presenting economic indicators  of January Vazgen Sarafyan said that the results weren’t so good, exports have decreased reaching to 87 billion: “The economic indicator of January aren’t so good, the reason was 12 days off  in January, the government mustn’t afford such luxury”.

“The export of our goods to Russian market has essentially decreased”: the president of National Producers Union said mentioning that this fact is connected to the ruble’s inflation.

“Instead, a positive trend is noticeable  in trade relations with China”: Vazgen Safaryan said and added that the mentioned country became a serious  commercial partner for Armenia.





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