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    How NSS tries to recruit ‘Heritage’ party board member and our journalist Hrayr Manoukyan (audio)

    How NSS tries to recruit ‘Heritage’ party board member and our journalist Hrayr Manoukyan (audio)
    July 10, 2014 11:34 News, Video A+ / A-

    Երևան Տոնավաճառ


    NSS worker-So, tell me, what did you think about?

    Hrayr Manukyan-No, I’m not the right person for you. First of all, the fact that you told me that it has nothing to do with politics and so on, my being a member of a board does not allow me to work in NSS. No way! Because, no matter how many times you tell me, NSS serves the authorities…

    NSS worker-The state.

    H.M.-Here, the state is invaded by the authorities, and the authorities use everything that belogs to the state. That’s the reason I became an oppositional.

    NSS worker-But I told you that it will not interfere with your work…

    -I understand, but the authorities use NSS.

    -Do you really think we’re so weak that can be used?

    -Yes, the president is using you.

    -You’re wrong! Nobody can use us.

    -Okay, even if it is so, if it was the American CIA, which fights against terrorists…

    -You’d joing with pleasure?

    - No, the opposite, I, myself am a kind of a person that can be of no use for you.

    -You just don’t get the idea of this work that’s why you think you can’t do it. Let me tell you, could you imagine what it would be like to be a student when you were at school?

    -I always wanted to be a student…no need to get involved with NSS to imagine the essence of its work.

    -I told you the other time, it is not a regular job, from 9 to 6.

    -I know but all the same, I refuse.

    -I’m just trying to help you to make up your mind. There’s only one truth.

    -And the truth is that I must not work with you.

    -You’re wrong…

    -Even so…

    -I would accept your ‘even so’, if it didn’t have results…but this is not the case.


    -It cannot have results.

    -It’s good that you’re self-conscious, but come back to reality.


    -Remember I told you that coins have two sides. I told you about one side during out previous talk, which would have been acceptable for any wise man. Do you want me to tell you about the second side?


    -Do you need that?


    -What do you think will happen to a person that has refused to the republic?

    -I know what will happen. You’ve tried Ghazaryan Hovsep as well…

    -Who’s Ghazaryan Hovsep?

    -Member of the party board.

    -That psycho?

    -He’s my friend and a great guy. You’ve tried him too.

    -First of all, nobody can try anyone without my permission and second of all, I don’t know if you underestimate yourself or think too high of Hovsep. What has he done?

    -Became a board member.

    -15 people became board members.

    -I’m sure that the fact of my being a board member interested you, otherwise you wouldn’t care about me.

    -You’re wrong. We’ve kept you under our radar for a long time and your becoming a board member was being discussed only 1-2 months.

    -There were talks about it in October.

    -Those talks were in December. Raffi Hovhannisyan made the decision that young people and social activists have to make the board in December. I’m telling you this, so you will understand that being a board member has nothing to do with this. I don’t need that. If you notice, I know everything about the Heritage party and the board and don’t need you for that.


    -Then what do you need?

    -I told you already, you are a person with bright horizon and with your knowledge and skills, and are a necessary person for the country.

    -I will still be, but without you.

    -You can’t be without us.

    -Then I won’t be.

    -Nobody can do anything in a country he had refused, forget it.

    -It is not the country, it’s the authorities.

    -You are hanging on to a wrong place and coming to a wrong conclusion.

    -Let it be wrong.

    -Are you ready to face the results?

    -Yes, I am.

    -Do you realize what the results are and that they don’t refer just to you?

    -There cannot be anything that can refer to my relatives. There may be many things referring to me.

    -Not ‘maybe’, but for sure and much more than you think. I’m not trying to impress you but there are little things I don’t know.

    -With all that, my answer is ‘No’.

    -You can’t say ‘No’ to us. I don’t want to tell you more about the results. Do you realize that the tiniest thing I can do is to decide whether to let you go to Check Republic or not.

    -There’s no way you can do that.

    -Really? You have lack of information. Do you know how many ways I have?

    -Even if you can do that, I can always find a way out.


    -You will, but with 90-95 per cent losses. What if the Check  Republic changes its mind?

    -No, it won’t.

    -You’re that sure? Do you have many connections among us? Even if you go, I’ll advice you stay there, because you will not find a suitable job for you here when you come back. Nobody can refuse the country and have future here. You will be in the black book.

    -I prefer to stay there even if I have no way to come back to Armenia. Another reason of my refusal is the fact that you put me in frames and demand the answer now.

    -I withdrew those frames, if you remember, you didn’t get it.

    -All the things you’re telling me now are the reason I’m refusing.

    -You wanted me to say all these things.

    -I know that you follow my every step.

    -Do you want me to tell you how many people you’ve told about our meeting? I know that too.

    -That’s great!

    -So, why do you underestimate us? You don’t take us seriously. So many bad things can happen, not only to you.

    -With all that, I still refuse.

    -I’m not pressuring on you, it has to be voluntary decision.

    -In that case my answer is ‘No’.

    -My responsibility was to show you the ways of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

    -I choose the losses and this conversation is over.

    -I can give you another example. There’s a chance than other people might suffer losses and not you. I’ve tried to not harm anyone in my life, now I’m trying for you. Are you ready to sacrifice your future and others? I’m trying for you, who are you trying for?


    -That decision is not of your favor.

    -Consider this; I’m going to Check Republic for good.

    -I told you, we decide together, you tell us you’re not returning, we say thank you…

    -So, I’m going to Check Republic and not coming back and I don’t see any reason for harming my closed ones.

    -Do you know why we’re doing it? To show others that refusing is wrong and all your friends who work with us realize that they made a right decision and those who are yet to make that decision, we help them make it right. I can’t guarantee that in a month or two a social bomb won’t explode about the Heritage party, about the board and about you and thousands of people will believe that. I don’t want that. I keep asking my authorities to give you another chance.

    -Well, we all know your methods; you do it the hard way.

    -All those, who we’ve started the hard way with, work better now. I wanted to make it easy for you and tell you all the good sides of this work, now you want to make me feel like I was wrong.

    -NSS made a mistake trying to cooperate with me.

    -We don’t make mistakes.

    -People make mistakes.

    -Later you will want it and it will be too late.

    -I won’t work with you.

    -In that case…now you’re recording this conversation or not, I don’t care, but…

    -No recording at all, I’m just looking at the time.

    -I am a star of those recordings. Do you know how many I have?

    -With all your recordings, I refuse.

    -I don’t want the country to lose someone like you, you can have many things, but since you’re telling us to close the doors for you, and you choose your closed ones to suffer, then we have no other choice. If it was only you, I would say ‘fine, go and don’t come back, maybe we won’t be able to reach to Check Republic’. But your closed ones stay here. If that’s your decision then we have no problem with that. We made a mistake.

    -You did, for sure. I can’t work with you, even if I say ‘Yes’ now, I won’t do any good for you. No, I better die…


    -You wanted me to talk like this.

    -I still refuse.

    -That’s bad! I don’t know how else to talk to you.

    -What will you do? Shoot me?

    -You have a bad opinion about us. They shot people in 1937. Those who refused the country had been killed. We work on democratic basis.

    -In that case I have nothing to worry about.

    -That’s a good spirit! But you’re not alone, there are thousands of issues, but we won’t talk about them. I’ve never seen anyone who wanted something bad for himself. But that’s your choice. So, go and let’s see what will happen. Don’t be surprised then.

    -I won’t. I will be ready and will know what to do.

    -No, you won’t, because you underestimate us and don’t get the issue.

    -I don’t underestimate you, you can do anything and I’m ready.

    -Maybe you are, but there are many people, who trust you, and are not ready.

    -Those that trust me are next to me and they will know under what pressure I made this decision.

    -But they will not know what decision you made and what the reality was. Are you sure of people around you? What if the party board blasts? What will happen to the people that had trusted you?

    -I will leave the party tomorrow.

    -Be sure that the 99 per cent of doors of our country are closed for you.

    -Let me go to Check Rep. and leave the party.

    -Maybe you won’t manage to leave the party or go to Check Rep. or stay there long.

    -I’m ready.

    -Are your family members also ready?

    -Yes, they are…

    -From business to personal???


    -I doubt it. I don’t think they are ready for everything.

    -They will be.

    -They won’t be. They’re your parents.

    -My answer is ‘No’.

    -We are able to take such steps…

    -So take!

    -We offered you heights, you chose the dungeon.

    -Shall we ask for the bill?

    -We were of very high opinion about you, but you proved us wrong. It happens.

    -It happens.

    -Just remember to not be offended later, if your answer is final.

    -It’s final. I hope you will leave me alone.

    -You refused the country, Hrayr.

    -In that case you forget about me.

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