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Home » Press » “Joghovurd” daily: Davutoglu pursued Nalbandyan

“Joghovurd” daily: Davutoglu pursued Nalbandyan

“Joghovurd” daily: Davutoglu pursued Nalbandyan
December 10, 2013 12:15 Press A+ / A-


“Joghovurd” daily writes: during one of the recent conferences, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu pursued Armenian minister of Foreign Affairs Edward Nalbandyan, trying to talk to him. However, Nalbandyan kept avoiding the Turkish official by using even the most unrealistic measures.

Political scientist Richard Kirakosyan informed the daily that Davutoglu tried to have a word with Nalbandyan before paying an official visit to Armenia; however the latter kept avoiding him. Even at the foyer, Davutoglu tried to approach Nalbandyan, but the latter hurriedly entered the rest room. In the evening Davutoglu made a phone call to Nalbandyan’s hotel room, and again Nalbandyan told him that he is not in a mood to talk and wants to sleep.


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