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    Traces of Armenian cultural heritage vanished in Bingyol

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    The traces iof the Armenian civilization in Bingyol, a city in Eastern Turkey, have gradually vanished during the period following the Armenia Genocide. Many places of worship are dismantled, while others turned into stables, news portal writes.

    Bingyol (Armenian historical name Astghaberd) has preserved one Armenian church with unknown name and history to the locals. A mosque has been built next to the church. The only thing the residents know about the church it had once served as a place for Armenians to come and pray. The inscription on the church wall had been removed and replaced by wooden pieces.

    Two other Armenian churches are located in the nearby Adakyl settlement which are partly destroyed and have long been subjected to attacks of marauders.

    The author has toured the Armenian neighborhoods of the town. “The road leading to the church, the drinking fountains, the stone and the architecture style of the houses across the road speak of the long history of the Armenians in the settlement,” wrote the author.

    The next stop is at the Church in Chermak village (currently Yelderimeni) another Armenian church left in a delipidated state. After the Armenian Genocide it has served as stable for the villagers. The only church that is relatively known to the locals is the St. Gevorg located in Qghli district of Bingyol. The inscription on the building is not preserved and it served as cowshed once the Armenians were deported from the city.
    In 2016, Governor announced plans to start reconstruction works of the church yet four years later no progress has been made.

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