Thursday , 19 October 2017

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Home » Business » Transit flights increased more than 70% in Armenia – aviation authorities

Transit flights increased more than 70% in Armenia – aviation authorities

September 29, 2017 9:26 Business, News A+ / A-

Transit flights increased by 70.62% for January-August this year in Armenia’s airspace to compare with the number of flights during the same period last year, the government-affiliated Department of Civil Aviation said in a released statement on Thursday.
According to the source, 22.1% increase is recorded in arrival and departure numbers as well.
The statement says more than 900 international air carriers operate flights in the Armenian airspace and use the country’s air navigation services implemented in accordance with modern standards of the safety of flights. “As a result, “Armareonavigation” company, which regulates the sphere of usage of Armenian airspace, has gained a reputation of a reliable partner in the international aviation community,” the release said.

To add, the company hosted today a symposium on operation of air traffic organized on the 20th anniversary of its establishment and attended by representatives of international aviation companies and eastern states party to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO’S).

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