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    UK experts: Coca-Cola’s Christmas truck tour should be banned

    January 11, 2017 22:11 International, News A+ / A-

    British health experts demanded action to ban Coca-Cola’s Christmas truck tour as it propagates unhealthy food, BMJ reported.

    This Christmas the truck visited five locations in north west England in the first week of December. Everyone is offered to take the picture with the car and to get a free drink. Experts believe that such actions are unacceptable and should be banned.

    Food Active, a healthy weight campaign based in north west England, organised a letter of concern stating “We can celebrate without allowing Coca-Cola to highjack Christmas by bringing false gifts of bad teeth.”

    With figures showing that 33.8% of 10 to 11 year olds in the north west are overweight or obese and that 33.4% of 5 years olds have tooth decay, many public health departments have used their ever-squeezed budgets to launch campaigns about sugary drinks to try to help their communities reduce their consumption.

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