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    Vahe Grigoryan elected judge of the Constitution Court

    June 18, 2019 17:56 News, Politics A+ / A-

    The Armenian National Assembly voted in favor of Vahe Grigoryan’s candidacy to occupy the vacant seat of a judge at the Constitutional Court. The head of the parliamentary Calculating Commission Vahagn Hovakimyan announced the results of the closed voting with Grigoryan’s candidacy approved by 99 votes in favor and 22 against votes.

    To note, Grigoryan was nominated as a candidate for the Constitutional Court judge for the second time. In autumn 2018 his candidacy was rejected by the previous parliament dominated by the Republican party. Grigoryan’s nomination for the second time by the President raised speculations about the legality of the President’s decision to nominate him again.

    Critics also point to political impartiality of the candidate who has been an opposition lawyer largely associated with the current ruling party in the parliament that may undermine his neutrality and fit for the high-level judiciary post.

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