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    Vardan Petrosyan soon will be set free. Nikolay Baghdasaryan

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    Actor Vardan Petrosyan, who was imprisoned for 5 years, soon will be released.  Nikolay Baghdasaryan the actor’s attorney said about this to the correspondent of Araratnews.  “A deed done with negligence inculpates to Vardan Petrosyan, which intends a punishment of open type according to Criminal Code. After the judicial act’s coming into force towards Vardan Petrosyan, the Criminal Department will make a legal decision according to which, a penalty  of open type intends to be applied towards my defendant. The open type of penalty  supposes the set- free of the prisoner.”

    Lawyer Nikolay Baghdasaryan mentioned that Vardan Petrosyan will be set free after making the decision. “Vardan Petrosyan will be released  and he will have chance to work and to be present in the evening check. Besides, quite a lot of privileges are being intended for the takers  of this kind of penalty. He can get a  6 months vacation in a year. Taking into account the dimension of Vardan Petrosyan’s penalty, he has already been as longer as he should stay prisoned”.

    Remind, that on the 20th of October in 2013 at 21:20 two cars were crashed on the 32nd kilometre of the highway. As a result 7 people transferred to hospital with physical injuries, including actor Vardan Petrosyan.  Later Edgar and Eduard Hakobyan brothers have died.

    A criminal case was initiated based on this fact with RA Criminal Code’s Article 242, part 3. Vardan Petrosyan was arrested. The investigation  started on the 12th of March in 2014. In 2015 January 29 the General Court of Armenia’s Kotayk region recognized guilty Vardan Petrosyan condemning him to an arrest of five years.


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